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The Giants Baseball Blog
Dereck Rodríguez will try and prove that ERA still matters
3 HRS AGO - A year removed from a rookie season that featured a dramatic gap between his ERA and xFIP, Expand
Weekend BP, 3/22-3/24/19
8 HRS AGO - Don’t forget to sign up for SB Nation’s FanPulse! They’ll be sending out the first series of Expand
Thursday BP, 3/21/19
1 DAY AGO - Sometimes, you just can’t manage to watch a game or keep up with it on social media. Last night Expand
McCovey Chronicles is hiring bloggers
2 DAYS AGO - Come join our team and help us cover the Giants! Opening day is just a few days away, and we’ve Expand
Wednesday BP, 3/20/19
2 DAYS AGO - In case you missed it yesterday, we retweeted this nifty YouTube video on our Twitter account Expand
Reyes Moronta will be a Statcast darling again
3 DAYS AGO - He was virtually unhittable last year, and he’s adding a changeup to the mix. Do hitters even have Expand
Do the Rule 5 draftees have what it takes?
4 DAYS AGO - Our sources say “Maybe?”, but this is about how we feel. The Giants went ahead and made two Rule 5 Expand
San Francisco Giants Madness Is Back with a World Series Twist
4 DAYS AGO - As the San Francisco Giants head into another uncertain season, knowing it’s manager Bruce Expand
Around the Foghorn
Shared by FanSided
Steven Duggar will rob, hit doubles
7 DAYS AGO - Regardless of how he hits, it will be a joy to watch him roam around the outfield. As long as he Expand
Andrew Suárez will avoid the sophomore slump
5 HRS AGO - Suárez doesn’t have to change much aside from altering how he approaches right handed hitters. Expand
Giants trade for Connor Joe who might replace Pablo Sandoval
21 HRS AGO - Drew Ferguson was DFA’d to make room for Connor Joe Drew Ferguson, the 5’9” center field with a Expand
Sam Dyson should be excellent again, unless he’s a trainwreck, but he’ll probably be excellent
2 DAYS AGO - He’s been effective every year but one that he’s been a reliever. But that one year though... Sam Expand
Don’t forget about Nick Vincent
2 DAYS AGO - The headline is as much a reminder to myself as anyone else. One of the changes that MLB rolled Expand
San Francisco Giants: 2019 looks and feels a lot like 2008
3 DAYS AGO - Whether you like it or not, 2019 is going to be another 2008 for the San Francisco Giants. Since Expand
Around the Foghorn
Shared by FanSided
San Francisco Giants: 3 Up and 3 Down from Week 3
3 DAYS AGO - The San Francisco are hitting like… Well, the San Francisco Giants. They continue to Expand
Around the Foghorn
Shared by FanSided
Dear Giants, Be Better: Pay The Minor Leaguers More
4 DAYS AGO - It’s damn time. Dear Farhan Zaidi and the Giants Ownership Group, Be better than the rest of Expand
Looking to the Future(s Game)
5 DAYS AGO - The next six months of Giants baseball promise to be a season of squinting at the image in front Expand
Austin Slater and Pat Venditte headline latest round of Spring Training cuts
7 DAYS AGO - Tough competition in the bullpen and outfield left little room for the fringe players. Alex Expand
Brandon Belt accidentally shaved off half his eyebrow just before Photo Day, and we have the photos to prove it
7 HRS AGO - Hot eyebrow content, here at McCovey Chronicles dot com During Wednesday night’s game in Expand
Can Drew Pomeranz be this year’s Derek Holland?
1 DAY AGO - Can Pomeranz go from being quite bad to quite good? Last season, the Giants signed Derek Holland Expand
Giants add OF Matt Joyce to Spring Training camp
2 DAYS AGO - Sure, why not? The Giants have been on the lookout all offseason for outfielders, but they’ve been Expand
Ray Black and Tyler Beede optioned — how would you build the rest of the bullpen?
2 DAYS AGO - When you’re a player with options, you’re on a team that has options. With Opening Day just eight Expand
San Francisco Giants: Is Joe Panik Due for a Breakout Season?
3 DAYS AGO - Spring Training is in full flex for the San Francisco Giants, which means it is the perfect time Expand
Around the Foghorn
Shared by FanSided
Tuesday BP, 3/19/19
3 DAYS AGO - On Saturday, Oracle Park hosted the baseball teams from Paradise High School and Corning High Expand
Monday BP, 3/18/19
4 DAYS AGO - If you didn’t know, the 2019 season kicks off Wednesday morning at 2:30 am Pacific when the Expand
10 reasons to be excited about the upcoming season
6 DAYS AGO - Spoiler: The Giants being good isn’t one of them The 2019 season is right around the corner. That Expand

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